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Johanna Massa Head of Fine Arts and Collectibles Inventory joins PSPI

The PSPI team and its Fine Art & Collections department are strengthened by the arrival of Johanna


Digital art and artificial intelligence with the Sigg Art Foundation

The mission of Sigg Art Foundation is to support artists, those who want to make history through

In the event of damage to a yacht, the bill can be very high.

In yachting, there are no ‘small’ accidents; no ‘small’ bills. A sector where the scalability of claims

“For me, PSPI is the Family Office of insurance”

Conversation with Pedro Simko a “citizen of the world", who chose single insurance service years ago.

Challenging the insurance industry

With PSPI Application customers now have access to a complete mapping of their assets, in real time.

Héloïse, our Fine Art specialist, tells us all about “her” artgenève.

End of January. Palexpo underwent one of its first transformations of the year. For this 12th edition

🐎 New service for horse owners

New service for horse owners : Rayan Ouafi, International Health Specialist, and Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier, Collections Specialist at

🍇 🍷Conversation with Denis Houlès, creator of bespoke wine collections

Who are wine collectors? Why do they collect? How can they protect their “grands crus” and ensure

The proper use of digital in our business

The world is digitalized and insurance sector is no exception to this trend. But how do you

A word from Fanny : Thank you, Switzerland.

It took me several years to discover what is not only a dynamic but also a supportive

🖼 Art objects are increasingly at risk. Why ?

Paintings, precious stones, jewelry, various art collections... have gone from "safe" to "risky" for insurers in just

🌿 🌳 Marion Festal landscape architect, a veritable garden fairy

Marion Festal is a garden fairy. The kind who, with a wave of her magic wand, is


Yachts increasingly threatened by cyber attacks

Yachts are heavily - and increasingly - equipped with the best technology, a multitude of entry points

Sustainable yachting

When the yachting industry proves that "luxury" can also rhyme with "sustainability". An analysis of a market

From maritime betting to us, (almost) nothing has changed

I had already told you the history of Lloyd’s in an article dedicated to the passion of


Interview of Fanny Eyraud in Bilan Magazine

Read the interview of Fanny Eyraud in Bilan Magazine, an opportunity to learn more about PSPI's business

Dive into Digital Art

Digital Art: who are the buyers, how does it work, is it interesting in terms of investment?

How to end a year?

Ending a year is never an easy exercise, even less so when it comes to putting words

Gems: expertise, investment, scam, our expert explains

How to invest in gems? How can we be sure that the value of our collection is

Immersion in the (booming) superyacht market

At the end of September, the 31st edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, one of the most

360° all risk real estate insurance? Yes!

As a property owner, building insurance is often the stumbling block that makes you wonder and worry.

Investing in diamonds, meeting with the Director of Swiss Diamond Collection

We met Robert Kennedy this summer to talk to him about the very specific sector of investment

Robbery at the art fair in Maastricht, we were there!

The 2022 session of this unmissable event will remain memorable for the quality of the works exhibited

PSPI x Piguet Galland event “Leaving Switzerland?”. Very successful!

On Wednesday, about sixty people attended the event "Piguet Galland & your international life" organized by the

When art fairs feed the expertise of the field

Two years that the art fairs could not be held because of the health context. So when
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A Fine Art Specialist in the PSPI team!

The PSPI team is growing with the arrival of Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier as Fine Art Specialist. This is

Living all year long on a Yacht ? A new reality

In recent months, things have changed. With the pandemic, yachts are, for the first time, considered as

Luxury real estate has never been so attractive!

If there is one sector that has not been impacted by the Covid crisis, it is the

Jewelry and Art: how to estimate them, insure them and at what recurrence? We tell you everything!

Whether they are inherited, newly acquired, or waiting to be acquired, jewels as well as works of

A new year placed under the sign of positivity!

For this Editorial, we have decided to take the opposite side of the prevailing gloom and to

A slightly different Christmas

For this last article of the year, we had planned – a few months ago – to


Property owners: what will Covid change for you ?

Much has been said about the impact of the pandemic on the economy, on the employment sector

Pandemic insurance cover: is a public-private partnership an option?

It is on the basis of new events that things often change, setting precedents. No one doubts

Business : what are we going to keep from the habits developed during lockdown?

Here we are ! For a few weeks now, Switzerland comes back to normal step by step,

We are here for you

Madam, Sir,   For the past few weeks, we have all been evolving in an unprecedented context,

The advantage of working with an expert in niche markets

For approximately 2 years now, the yacht insurance world has been undergoing an unprecedented evolution, which is

In 2020, opt for a 360°C insurance package!

Every January, sign of a new year, brings some good resolutions/objectives. Sudden or more subtle changes, some

Life span and living standard : yes, the equation is possible!

The extension of "life path" is a reality facing most industrialized countries. In Switzerland, according to the

Loïc Duval: meeting with a professional racing driver

When we talk about motor sport, it is with a mixture of fascination, respect and a certain

Cars, houses, boats… think of insuring your paintings and jewelry too!

Just a few weeks before the much-awaited summer holiday, the jubilation can quickly be marred by a

Kidnapping and ransom, unlikely scenario ?

In the past, when the words "kidnapping" and "ransom" were mentioned, they were more anecdotal, accentuated by

The successful revival of the Geneva Rally

On Friday 5 April, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, but also Golf arrived one after the other in the

Our business is the result of a passion

When we think of the insurance world, the term "passion" is not - let's be honest! -

PSPI supports a local equestrian event of international importance!

On August 10 and 12, the Relais et Château Jiva Hill located in France in the commune
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