How to end a year?

Ending a year is never an easy exercise, even less so when it comes to putting words to the 12 months that have passed. What to remember about 2022?
Ending a year is never an easy exercise, even less so when it comes to putting words to the 12 months that have passed. What to remember about 2022? Between the war in Ukraine, its collateral effects on the economy and resources, the Covid which (still) hangs like a sword of Damocles, the financial crisis etc., fatigue and a certain drop in energy have found there a favorable soil to their blooming. In short: 2022 has not been a relaxing year, nor as positive as expected after two “suspended” years.


But this climate was also for many, and this is my case, an opportunity to refocus, to take stock. I personally worked on my role as a business leader, a company that has been growing steadily since 2013. I would like to thank the people who have been my support, guides, advisors, or simply those who have been present on this path, full of questions, sometimes difficult, but exciting and necessary: the EY Entrepreneurship Women program, my coach Florence His, Fabienne Bertolluci, Sharlen who teaches me boxing and letting go through sports, and many others through their advice.

To come back to the original question, “How to end a year?”, I would like to talk about my company, PSPI. In 2022, as in any company, there have been changes, some employees have left, others have joined the adventure like Alexandre de Lisle, Héloïse Decrocq Mosnier, bringing a new wind, being part of the dynamism and DNA of a growing company.

In terms of vision, our desire in 2023 is to continue to improve our structure and our processes to be ever closer to the needs of our clients and to accompany them in the different stages of their lives. To be at their side, as advisors, but also by providing them with concrete solutions adapted to happy events (birth, moving, expatriation…), as well as to sad ones (illness, inheritance, fire, theft…). We are there to support these different events. We are here to support these different events. This is achieved by integrating business experts specialized in their field, innovative digital tools, and constantly updated field knowledge.

If it is often difficult to end a year, each year end gives me the same feeling: a kind of impatience, this bubbling desire to launch 2023, projects full of head.

In the meantime, the holidays are here and I wish you all the best for the coming year, with family and friends!


Fanny Eyraud, Founder & CEO PSPI

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