On Wednesday, about sixty people attended the event “Piguet Galland & your international life” organized by the bank with the participation of PSPI. On the program: experts’ points of view on issues related to international mobility, Q&A, and a networking cocktail to end the evening. And it was a great success, with extremely enriching exchanges during the two-hour conference, which continued afterwards over a glass of wine and petit-four.

The panel announced the color: Vanessa Neil, Wealth Advisor at Piguet Galland, Olivier Kramer, Managing Partner at Gatsby White, Fanny Eyraud Founder & CEO of PSPI and Jihan Bicici, Financial planning specialist at Piguet Galland & Cie SA. All recognized experts in their field, gathered here under the same theme: advices to those leaving Switzerland. In the audience, expatriates in Switzerland, people wishing to leave Switzerland for multiple reasons, people in international mobility, but also mobility professionals who seek new solutions for their clients.

Each speaker spoke on a key theme. In addition to tax advice, real estate and the best strategies for retirement, Fanny Eyraud chose to address a subject that is rarely, if ever, discussed when talking about expatriation: health coverage. Through concrete illustrations, the international health expert was able to interest the entire audience.

Although health care concerns us all, it is clear that few people anticipate the issue of health care coverage when they leave. However, as Fanny’s examples showed very well, without good health coverage the consequences can be disastrous, with extremely difficult situations to manage, multiplied by the fact that one is in a host country that is foreign to one’s own (whose codes one often does not master, sometimes not even the language!).

At the cocktail party, discussions continued in a more informal setting conducive to exchanges. The PSPI team noted that the presentation raised many questions among their audience about their own situation in terms of health coverage.

A very successful event, from which everyone will be able to draw concrete tools for their future, whether they are in Switzerland as an expatriate or in another country in the world.