The extension of “life path” is a reality facing most industrialized countries. In Switzerland, according to the latest report from the Federal Statistical Office, “boys and girls born in 2017 are expected to live an average of 81.4 years, respectively 85.4 years. One in four women of this generation could blow out 100 candles. ».

These figures place the country just behind Japan in terms of life span. Good news of course. But we must consider the consequences of this growth with the notion – intrinsically linked – of the “standard of living”. Living longer, yes, but living good! Because this aging process is not without consequences, the issue of managing longevity risk becomes urgent. The challenge is such that, for the first time this year, the G20’s major funders have been working on the issue of population aging and its impact on the economy.


In this context, what safeguards can be put in place to plan this – long, very long – path of life that awaits us?

At PSPI, we are convinced that one of the key measures is the insurance of the person, from this individual “patrimony” too often neglected to the benefit of physical assets. If you think about insuring your car, your house, your collections etc., what about yourself? It is now becoming inevitable to transfer this longevity risk to insurance specialists, sufficiently in advance to benefit from this protective shell in time.

More than ever, insurance plays a key role in pension planning here. It’s about making sure you’re well insured, and early. And for us, this cannot be done without a case-by-case management of each life scheme, at the time T, but also in a forward-looking manner. Like every family, every heritage is unique, tailor-made solutions are essential.

What will my needs be in 20-30 years? How can I ensure that my lifestyle will remain stable or even improve, without the spectre of deterioration looming? How can we best protect ourselves against the hazards of life, such as sudden illness, cessation of professional activity, and other hardships that may occur at any time on this path of life?

As experts in life and pension insurance in Switzerland and abroad, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you, your loved ones and your property are preserved over time, regardless of the events that may occur along the way. To do so, the key lies in anticipation, with the implementation of a safety net.