The world is digitalized. No one can deny this today. Payment via applications, ordering food or other items from your computer, reporting, e-mails, not to mention artificial intelligence, the latest channel and tool available to everyone. Insurance is no exception to this trend. But how do you find the right balance, in a service business that places human contact at its heart?


“Digital is a wonderful tool, provided it is used wisely… and in the right dose!” explains Fanny Eyraud. The risk, which we see emerging in many sectors, is that of a total transition from all “human” to all digital. A mistake!

“The heart of our business is still the relationship with our customers, which has to be done in the traditional way, i.e. face-to-face,” confirms Fanny.

That’s how the experts are able to understand all the subtleties of each situation, in complete confidentiality. To grasp what screens don’t: the nuances, the complexity of cases, the aspects that seem insignificant to customers but which emerge in the course of a conversation and take on a new meaning, and so on.


But that doesn’t mean ignoring digital technology. On the contrary, says Fanny:

“For us, it’s a question of using digital technology, but not 100%, i.e. as a support tool. With this vision, we preserve the authenticity of our businesses with the customer at the center, and therefore keep our fundamentally human DNA.”

As a support tool, digital technology reinforces existing expertise, in particular through the production of extremely precise insurance reports, “which enables us to make the best possible use of our time to listen to customers’ needs and provide them with the best advice, while reducing the administrative tasks involved in our business”, adds Fanny. She continues: “As a team, we gain in productivity, and the customer is also a winner, as we have more time to devote to him”. It’s a win-win situation, but one in which digital technology is only a lever in the equation, not the result.

“Today, for example, we are able to produce a single insurance report for the whole family – a very useful feature for asset managers – and also to map all our customers’ assets extremely precisely AND in real time via an interactive application”. An application as a surprise … “coming in 2024!” adds the CEO