The PSPI team is growing with the arrival of Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier as Fine Art Specialist. This is an important step for the company specialized in the 360°C handling of special goods, and the opportunity to position itself in a new way on the Fine Art segment thanks to Héloïse’s double hat. Let’s meet the specialist, whose background is as rich and exciting as her field of expertise!


Before going further into the tasks and missions related to your position at PSPI, can you tell us more about your background?

Of course! I have an unusual background, born from an intellectual curiosity and a desire, already at a young age, to acquire knowledge in two fields that at first glance seem far apart (and yet!): Law and Art. I thus followed in parallel a master’s degree in private law and in art history. I am thus specialized in law and insurance, while being also specialized in expertise of art objects.


What does this double role bring to your work ?

An enormous and unique asset, if I may say so! First of all, what is Fine Art? This term is commonly used, in the language of insurance in particular, to designate goods and objects that are “valuable”, i.e. those that belong to an artistic field or to the art craft industry. Fine Art also includes objects of proven preciousness and rarity.

My double expertise allows me not only to understand the insurance stakes of the goods linked to the Fine Art sector (it can be a painting, jewels, collections, precious stones, etc.), but also to know the exact value, all the stakes potentially present around these prestigious values, and to be able to propose in-house services such as the expertise that I will carry out myself.


Why is this 360° management important in the field of Fine Art?

In order to insure these assets, unlike other sectors, it requires a considerable and often (very) costly upstream work. It is necessary to call upon different actors, such as art experts in order to make an expertise, and we often notice a loss or even a lassitude of the clientele with regard to the implementation of such a cover. All this is a pity and detrimental to the owners of works of art! This new Fine Art department allows us to offer our clients in-house assistance in a somewhat obscure field, with codes that are sometimes far removed from the other branches that make up a physical heritage.


Thanks to my double competence, I can be an informed intermediary with art lovers and professionals, with the objective of being able to set up a globalized management of the artistic patrimony which is entrusted to PSPI. As an expert, I am able to rationalize the always specific needs of a collection, by discussing with the microcosm in full knowledge of the facts, and by proposing “in-house” tasks such as the expertise of the works, the maintenance of an inventory etc. This 360° service allows both private and professional clients to have at their disposal, at all times, an art specialist who knows their collection(s) perfectly and who will be able to support them for all the needs linked to the life of this/these collection(s).

A global, pragmatic and unique service in Switzerland!




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