For this Editorial, we have decided to take the opposite side of the prevailing gloom and to breathe a little positivity into you! With this in mind, we are going to go beyond the traditional end-of-year review (because, honestly, who wants to relive the year 2020?) to devote ourselves to the present, and to the future. These next few months that we imagine will be filled with meetings, holidays all around the world (why not?), restaurants, and good times. Time for oneself, for others, together.


And for us, this beginning of the year in the current “structural” conditions that we are all experiencing, is finally the opportunity to focus even more on our core business: insurance audit. Because with the injunction to work from home, something is happening: people are taking more time to think about their future, their living environment, their expenses, and also their insurance coverage. As if, faced with contextual unpredictability, we all need to lay solid foundations, whether they are already there and need to be strengthened, or no longer suit us and require radical change. Like the – very – trendy “Kondo method”, we sort, we clean, we dust off.


In these times of great cleaning, we accompany dozens of clients to protect their property with truly effective insurance products. Reassuring themselves by insuring themselves as well as possible, such could be the leitmotiv of this month of January!


We are also very busy following the realization of the Brexit, which has brought in its wake new rules for English brokers. The Trusts present in Switzerland must now find other intermediaries to insure themselves, and companies like ours clearly have a card to play here!


The context is difficult, but it also offers opportunities, and this is what we want to keep in mind. We hope to be able to talk to you soon about trips, meetings, all those little things that make up the “salt of life” and that we miss so much. But for now, we wish you a very good start to the new year, perhaps, for once, the opportunity to get off to a really good start!


Fanny Eyraud, Founder of PSPI