Every January, sign of a new year, brings some good resolutions/objectives. Sudden or more subtle changes, some of which will probably never materialize, but it brings a certain sense of renewal and trace a reassuring path for the next months. More sport, a balanced diet, a flourishing business, a pro/personal life balance etc. etc., as “mantras” to follow.

But who is actually thinking about the “protective shell” behind all these goals?

We are convinced that the insurance you choose partly determines the potential for achieving your 2020 resolutions! Are you starting a new sport? Do you decide to study or work abroad ? Are you opting to buy a property rather than rent? Are you finally falling for that luxury car that you’ve been eyeing for so many years? And the list is not exhaustive, there are plenty of examples at the beginning of this year!

Whether it is about your health/health capital, the insurance of your goods, the guarantee of a coverage similar to the one valid in your country of origin in case of health/accident problems abroad, opting for a package that will cover all these points, with a single interlocutor, will allow you to achieve all your 2020 aspirations in the best possible conditions.

This is precisely what we do at PSPI, by insuring you, your belongings, and even your loved ones, all in a single insurance package that is unique in Switzerland. And this, regardless of your profile, your medical history or the state of your assets, anywhere in the world. Special goods (luxury cars, collectibles, real estate, yachts and jets, etc.), international health cover, insurance for sportsmen and women, life insurance, etc., we act at all times and on a global level, regardless of where you live or where your property is located.

In 2020, decide to build a solid foundation to give all your goals and dreams a chance to succeed!

All the best,

Fanny Eyraud, Founder PSPI