Cars, houses, boats… think of insuring your paintings and jewelry too!

Just a few weeks before the much-awaited summer holiday, the jubilation can quickly be marred by a phenomenon that has unfortunately become commonplace: burglaries. While safeguards are commonly put in place, such as alarms, these audible manifestations of an intrusion unfortunately do not always limit the risk of theft! And in the lot of stolen objects, if cars, boats and other valuable items are often mentioned, what about other special items such as jewelry or paintings? In addition to kidnappings, the risk of uncovered damage to these assets is also too often overlooked.

What measures should be put in place beforehand to ensure that they are as effective as possible?

Symbolic values, inheritance, transmission: guarantee the durability of your special assets…

A jewel, like a painting, often has a value that goes beyond the simple “digital” consideration of the good. Family heritage, a gift from a loved one, a purchase tainted with symbolism, these goods are precious and often designed to follow you all your life. But their vulnerability is great, and often underestimated: alteration, theft, loss etc….


… because there are so many examples of theft and damage!

A few years ago, a leading insurance company in the field of collection covers published the case of a work of art damaged by rainwater hanging near a window, whose damage was aggravated by house staff thinking they were doing the right thing by wiping the water off, thus damaging the painting even more. A claims adjuster was appointed and took care of all the restoration and depreciation was also paid. Total amount paid: USD 640,000.00, including the claims adjuster’s fees.
We can mention this other case of jewellery stolen from the bedside table in a hotel room. Total paid 525,000.00 USD.
Or this situation of kidnapping luxury watches by a torn bag. An expert was involved to help register the missing items with the watchmaker concerned. Total paid 185,000.00 USD.
And there are unfortunately hundreds of other examples of this type!

At PSPI, we offer you worldwide insurance coverage unique in Switzerland for these special properties. We are also able to manage any related situation by collaborating with world-renowned insurance companies, among the best in the sector, which have decades of experience and a proven expertise in insuring collections (works of art, jewellery, vintage wine cases, racehorses, etc.) for private customers and art dealers alike. Because these goods are also entitled to the best possible protection!

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