“For me, PSPI is the Family Office of insurance”

Conversation with Pedro Simko a “citizen of the world", who chose single insurance service years ago.

Pedro Simko is what we like to call today a “citizen of the world”. From an Austrian family, born in Argentina, with a recognized career in communications, two children and a life based in Geneva for a long time, but already punctuated by numerous trips, the man now lives in Thailand. But some of his belongings remain in Switzerland, while travel is as much a part of his life as ever. The common denominator in all this? PSPI, which Pedro Simko considers his insurance family office.

When did the question of a single insurance service – for you, your property and your family – arise?
In the early days, like many people, I had several insurance policies scattered all over the place, with no one to give me an overview and advise me on any particular policy or problem.
A few years ago, my wife and I were looking for international health cover for our many trips – all the more important since my children live abroad (one in the UK, the other in the USA). That’s when we came across PSPI’s international health cover.

We discovered a 100% dedicated team, available 24/7, and able to answer us no matter which member of the team took the call. From that point on, we decided to place all our insurance with PSPI: travel insurance, health insurance, professional insurance, car insurance, house and apartment insurance, and so on.

So, apart from price-related advantages, it was human qualities that convinced you to bring everything together in one place?
Certainly, but also the model itself, and the two go hand in hand. Let me explain: PSPI offers “one-stop-shopping” (the possibility of doing everything in the same place), coupled with an extremely advanced service/customer approach. Not only does it make my life easier to have all my insurance contracts managed in one place, but the teams do everything they can to find a solution to the slightest question or problem.

And they don’t do it in a purely “transactional” way, like other companies, but with the aim of really getting the best for the customer. For me, they’re in a class of their own, a “family office of insurance”.

You now live in Thailand. What does it mean to you to have this “insurance family office” in Switzerland?

Peace of mind, and the feeling of being safe, wherever I am. I know that if I have a health problem in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, in a few minutes I’ll know which hospital to go to, what to do with the bills to get reimbursed, etc. It’s the same with my possessions. Same thing with my possessions: if I have damage to my apartment in Geneva, or to my rental car in another country, I know that everything will be taken care of by the PSPI teams.

Not having to worry about all these things is a luxury, trust me!

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