Two years. Two years that the art fairs could not be held because of the health context. So when the program of ArtGenève, ArtBasel and ArtParis was announced, experts, enthusiasts and curious people were oscillating between impatience and joy. For if these major events of contemporary and modern art are of course unavoidable events for artists, gallery owners and buyers, they are also great opportunities for the whole microcosm of the art sector to gather.

Let’s dive into this fascinating universe.

ArtGenève opened the season this year, a return to face-to-face meetings that also marks the 10th anniversary of the event. From March 3 to 6, the entire art world of French-speaking Switzerland met in the halls of Palexpo, where they strolled around discovering works of art, networking, expertise… and informal discussions in a relaxed and chic setting.

For Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier, Fine Art specialist at PSPI: “For us, it is extremely important to be present at this event in order to meet our clients, prospective clients, as well as professionals of the art sector. What is interesting to note is the mix of hats. Very often, the professionals are themselves also collectors, and therefore have needs close to those of our clients for whom we insure the collections, manage the inventories, make the expertises of the works etc. ArtGenève, and all the other fairs, are unique opportunities to be in contact with this whole microcosm that makes up the art sector.”


(To) meet, but not only. Taking the temperature of the sector’s dynamism, of the trends, is also extremely important.

To evaluate works, you need to know their value at the moment. By going to ArtGenève, we can see which artists are in vogue, how much the works are worth, and we can therefore have a much more precise idea of the market, and thus always better advise our clients. For example, a work of art by a leading artist was on display, and one of PSPI’s clients recently purchased another of his creations. By seeing the estimated prices of the works and the craze, I was able to confirm my client in the rightness of her choice of acquisition. This field work is essential to nourish our expertise in an extremely dynamic and volatile sector!”. 


And she concludes:


“Today people want to combine the pleasure of having a beautiful object and the pleasure of a good investment. So that these two elements come together, as experts we can guide them towards the most judicious choices to make. But this is only one part of our work, which continues with the insurance of their goods, the optimization of their collections, the expertise etc. As safe havens, collections should be managed as a portfolio of assets and as an important piece of the overall estate (alongside other assets such as real estate, cars, jewelry etc.).”


After Geneva and Paris, ArtBasel will take place from June 16 to 19, 2022. See you there!


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