Luxury real estate has never been so attractive!

If there is one sector that has not been impacted by the Covid crisis, it is the luxury real estate sector, which has even met with an unprecedented craze. In an almost “insolent” way, some would say, the sector has – in spite of itself – responded to this desire to (re)connect with nature, to live in a soothing environment, to have more space. For some, it was a way to get away from the anxiety-inducing climate; for others, it was a way to make a purchase on a whim, or even a way to invest in something lasting and tangible in a period that is more prone to uncertainty.

A new year placed under the sign of positivity!

For this Editorial, we have decided to take the opposite side of the prevailing gloom and to breathe a little positivity into you! With this in mind, we are going to go beyond the traditional end-of-year review (because, honestly, who wants to relive the year 2020?) to devote ourselves to the present, and to the future. These next few months that we imagine will be filled with meetings, holidays all around the world (why not?), restaurants, and good times. Time for oneself, for others, together.

Property owners: what will Covid change for you ?

Much has been said about the impact of the pandemic on the economy, on the employment sector in particular where the “earthquake” was immediate. In historical sectors such as real estate, the collateral effect of the Covid begins to appear, 6 months before the beginning of the epidemic. Here we will focus on property owners, one of PSPI’s target audiences, and what Covid has changed, or is about to change for them.