Héloïse, our Fine Art specialist, tells us all about “her” artgenève.

End of January. Palexpo underwent one of its first transformations of the year. For this 12th edition of artgenève, the venue is criss-crossed by dozens of small boxes, each offering an immersion into one of the 80 galleries presenting contemporary and modern art. Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier, Fine Art expert at PSPI, explains.

🐎 New service for horse owners

New service for horse owners : Rayan Ouafi, International Health Specialist, and Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier, Collections Specialist at PSPI, both of whom also ride horses, explain.

The proper use of digital in our business

The world is digitalized and insurance sector is no exception to this trend. But how do you find the right balance, in a service business that places human contact at its heart?

A word from Fanny : Thank you, Switzerland.

It took me several years to discover what is not only a dynamic but also a supportive environment. It’s often said that Switzerland is all about SMEs, and this is above all possible precisely because the country supports them.

🌿 🌳 Marion Festal landscape architect, a veritable garden fairy

Marion Festal is a garden fairy. The kind who, with a wave of her magic wand, is able to beautify and transform any outdoor space into a place that reflects who we are. A place that will add value to the building, but which also needs to be properly insured, depending on the value of […]

Sustainable yachting

When the yachting industry proves that “luxury” can also rhyme with “sustainability”. An analysis of a market in full transformation.

From maritime betting to us, (almost) nothing has changed

I had already told you the history of Lloyd’s in an article dedicated to the passion of our profession. In that article, I told you about the origin of the insurance, namely bets between sailors in 1688 on the survival or not of ships and their crews at sea. Man-to-man bets on risks and their […]

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