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To meet the demands of our customers directly, we have created a complete insurance program for yachts with a customized approach to satisfy all the needs of the owners of those luxurious assets and to cover all the potential risks related to it.

We have associated to an international team of maritime specialists, selected for their proven experience. Thanks to this, we can insure everything: from the hull, the machinery, the third party liability, the crew and the insurance of valuable property without forgetting the handling of claims and the regulations on board.

This guarantees that our customers, their crew and all of their onboard possessions are fully protected.


We offer a personalized insurance to protect the private jets and helicopters of our customers and all that its necessary for their use.

Our experience and knowledge in the field of insurance, supported by our partnership with carefully selected aeronautics specialists, allows us to offer not only the best solutions on the market, but also to manage all the potential risks: from the insurance of the aircraft body, spare parts, body accidents of the crew to the civil liability.



  • Hull and machinery, including equipment, furniture, accessories, shuttle, toys and personal possessions
  • Protection and compensation, including employer’s liability
  • Passengers and crew insurance
  • Guarantees of works of art
  • Damage and total loss
  • Partial or total theft and vandalism
  • Third party liability including liability concerning water pollution and liability during the practice of water sports
  • War risk
  • charterer’s liability
  • Unexpected events
  • Manufacturer’s risk: new construction and major repairs
  • kidnapping and ransom
  • Professional recreation allowance

Added value

  • Access to the best solutions in the market of insurances
  • Detailed market comparison and recommendations
  • Risk assessment visit
  • Presentation to the crew of the coverage and its benefits
  • Annual report on personal insurance coverage
  • A designated yacht insurance specialist
  • Internal claims management team

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