Your collections are also entitled to the best protection possible

The term “fine art” covers art and other objects of value, ranging from paintings, precious stones, watches and jewellery to wine, leather goods, and diverse art collections. While this may seem like a wide-ranging classification, it’s understandable that protecting each of these valuable items is absolutely essential for the management and preservation of your art estate.

Because PSPI has decades of expertise in valuable items, we realised the importance of offering a service that reflects the value you place on these items. We therefore developed a unique, comprehensive and transparent service. By collaborating with world-renowned insurance companies specialising in Fine Art, we are able to offer you a worldwide insurance cover that is unlike any other in Switzerland.

In a field that requires the involvement of a range of different experts, we set out with the ambition of providing overall management of the art and collectible assets entrusted to us. We’re able to do this because we have our own Fine Art Specialist, Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier. In addition to her insurance skills, Héloïse can also appraise and reappraise your collection or objects, an in-house service that only PSPI can provide. We draw up an inventory of our clients’ collections for the insurers and, with the agreement of our clients, regularly update this inventory so that the collection is always insured at its fair value. In short, PSPI offers the services of a “multiskilled Fine Art Advisor”, capable of advising you on all aspects of your Fine Art estate in a truly unique way.


  • Art insurance for individuals, companies and art world professionals
  • Specific insurance contract for optimal collection coverage
  • Worldwide coverage and transportation of collections included
  • Insurance of precious stones and jewellery with no cap on the value

Added value

  • A Fine Art Specialist at your disposal for personalised follow-up
  • Drawing up an inventory
  • Appraisal of your objects
  • Value update
  • Optimised logistics for your collection (storage, transport, etc.)
  • Personalised art monitoring service

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