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New service for horse owners : Rayan Ouafi, International Health Specialist, and Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier, Collections Specialist at PSPI, both of whom also ride horses, explain.
What do PSPI and Markel Equine have in common? Answer: a passion for horses. It’s a passion that has become a real complement to each other at the start of this year, with the birth of a shared service for horse owners. Rayan Ouafi, International Health Specialist, and Héloïse Decrocq-Mosnier, Collections Specialist at PSPI, both of whom also ride horses, explain.
First of all, can you tell us how this partnership between PSPI and Markel Equine came about?

Heloise: As a specialist in special assets (which include horse collections), PSPI offers owners worldwide insurance cover that is unique in Switzerland, by working with world-renowned insurance companies specializing in each segment of special assets. And I’d like to stress this point, because it explains why we approached Markel Equine, THE international equine insurance specialist.

Rayan: It was also very interesting to be able to bring our international health expertise to bear not on individuals, but on horses.


How does this new service work in practice?

Heloise: This service is aimed at horse owners – or future owners. At PSPI, we’re first and foremost horse professionals: we know the exact value of the horse and how it evolves. The first step is therefore to assess the value of the horse, or of several horses held by an owner, in one or more locations around the world. As Fine Art specialists, we carry out this inventory just as precisely as we would for a painting, a diamond, a wine collection, etc. Once the value has been determined, we coordinate with Rayan.

Rayan: Exactly. Based on the value assigned to the horse(s), our team draws up an insurance contract according to a number of criteria (age of the animal, medical history, condition, etc.). This contract is then managed by Markel Equine.


You mentioned your passion for horses. Is this a real asset when it comes to understanding owners’ needs and expectations?

Heloise: Definitely! As riders, we know what a horse can cost in terms of health expenses, but also its purchase value. In creating this new product, we’re above all sharing a wonderful human adventure with other horse lovers.

Rayan: In Markel Equine, born under the impetus of a bunch of riders, we’ve found the perfect “business partner”!


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