Your health insurance is valid beyond borders

Today, mobility concerns everyone, whether it is because of business trips, getaways, leisure trips, or different places of residence. In this context, having the guarantee of a complete health insurance, that goes beyond the limitations of borders, is not easy.

Therefore we have decided to create a unique, complete and simple product: an international health coverage that is valid everywhere around the world. The treatments can be received in any country, with total access to worldwide recognized hospitals, clinics, doctors, specialists,

A customizable program for each and every individual, family or international group, valid for all profiles regardless of nationality or country of residence. We also guarantee complete coverage regardless of your profession, hobbies, or the sports that you practice.


  • Worldwide coverage without exceptions
  • Hospitalization in private room everywhere in the world covered 100%
  • Ambulatory or home-based services covered at 100%
  • No deductible
  • Dental and optical coverage
  • Complete assistance and repatriation
  • Preventive examinations and medical checks covered
  • 24h/7 medical telephone consultation
  • Travel insurance, including repatriation and costs of emergency visits of a family member covered everywhere around the world
  • Alternative and preventive medicine
  • international third party liability
  • Legal protection
  • Evacuation in case of epidemy, war, civil disturbances, terrorist acts, etc.

Added value

  • Online reimbursment platform
  • A team dedicated to avoid administrative tasks
  • Possibility of transferring from a group program to an individual contract without medical questionnaire

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